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Guys, listen!

i just re-watched(?) episode 38 - orange grove, and john peters said :”…one particular orange here, literaly holds the key to a one sided door in the middle of the desert. If you find that orange, john said i will pay you dearly for it, or rather john corrected himself, you will pay dearly for it…”

now, this may be nothing, just something bad and vage somewhat related to letting strex in, but it could also be more. I’m not sure, i can only hope. 

please excuse any spelling errors, english is not my first language


suburbianite and I are now enforcing this law at all Australian music festivals. 

embarissingly racist, indeed

my austria cosplay + messenger-from-sindria as switzerlnd at japantag

my austria cosplay from japantag! i don’t think i’ve ever been that sunburned after a con….