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we are being shown all over again, with cecil in the lead, how dark, dystopian, and terrifying night vale is and i love it

Me too! while cecil is great as a funny lovebird, he’s still a really good, naive and childish cruel villain

NIghtvale and Outsiders

I don’t think that it’s just cecils narration that lead people to not trust/ shut the carnival out of town. If you want to survive in nightvale, you have to be weary of everything. And this lifestyle lead to a comunity, that is scared and unforgiving towards outsiders, as they don’t know what danger they may be. 

Even more open minded people like Steve Carlsbergare and stay warry of outsiders, as we see in old oak doors, where steve talks about carlos.

NIghtvale is that creepy village, that shuts out outsiders out of fear, without actually cheking how dangerous they really are. They are not part of the comunity.

i want to get myself to draw more, in order to get better, and this is the result of today; a lovely alice.

i was trying to draw judar in adekan style, and i’m working on a another colour version, but till than, have this

Knowledge vs. Understanding

I personaly think that steves and cecils conflict is one about knowledge vs. understanding. 

I think that steve is like those people at school you meet, who can recite entire schoolbooks by heart, or learn like six wikipedia articles a week. They fancy knowledge and have a lot of it. But they have problems to actually Understand them.

Because it’s always exactly those kind of people who ask things like “if hitler was so evil, why didn’t they just kill him?” they have knowledge that shows that many people knew he was wrong, and that many of these people hat the power to kill him but didn’t do it. And they don’t understand why they didn’t do it, they can’t connect the dots. 

And i think thats the exact thing between Cecil and Steve:

Steve sees so many dots, that he wants everyone to see, because to him they are all important.

Cecil doesn’t see as many dots, but he can guess what the greater picture they create looks like.

Reblog if you’re in the Hetalia fandom and enjoy or at least have a genuine interest in the subject of History.
Guys, listen!

i just re-watched(?) episode 38 - orange grove, and john peters said :”…one particular orange here, literaly holds the key to a one sided door in the middle of the desert. If you find that orange, john said i will pay you dearly for it, or rather john corrected himself, you will pay dearly for it…”

now, this may be nothing, just something bad and vage somewhat related to letting strex in, but it could also be more. I’m not sure, i can only hope. 

please excuse any spelling errors, english is not my first language